More flowers

Flowers seem to be a very popular crocheter item and there’s so many cute and practical uses for them. So here’s a few more flowers and charts to help you make one. These… Continue reading

Mother’s day special in my etsy shop

Visit my etsy shop for special coupons for your Mother’s day shopping.   Shop here:        

Upcoming Craft Shows I will be in

I know it’s only September, but for some of us early birds it’s time to think about Holiday gift giving! To all my fans and followers and people in Portland Me area looking… Continue reading

Picnic Music and Arts Festival Portland, ME

Once again i’m happy to announce that Protsenka was accepted into the 7th annual Picnic Music and Arts Festival! This event will be held August 23d in Lincoln Park on Congress st in… Continue reading

My future dress (a project of 1 year)

I have started on this dress about a year ago. I have taken a really long break from working on it and now I’m back into finishing it. Originally this was the dress… Continue reading

Crocheted Ribbon Lace

In the recent months I have collected an impressive collection of ribbon lace charts and patterns to make the most amazing things with. In my attempt to keep my finds safe and not… Continue reading

Knitting patterns and motives

I’ve been collecting these for awhile now and not so long ago my computer has crashed and I’ve lost OH so many patterns that I’ve saved. SO in order to prevent it from… Continue reading

The Holiday Craft Shows season passed for me!

Hi all! It’s been a busy couple of months! This November I was lucky to have participated in amazing Maine Made Crafts shows in Augusta and Portland, ME! I have met plenty of… Continue reading

So delicate with some sparkle

I have just looked at some of the comments I’ve gotten over the past months and realized that I completely alienated the idea I had in mind for this blog! I was hoping… Continue reading

Picnic 08/25/12 (Picture report)

Hi all! You might have seen me at the Portland Flea-for-all, Old Port Festival, or Picnic. But if you haven’t I just wanted to post some pictures from the latest craft show I… Continue reading