Picnic 08/25/12 (Picture report)

Hi all! You might have seen me at the Portland Flea-for-all, Old Port Festival, or Picnic. But if you haven’t I just wanted to post some pictures from the latest craft show I did, which was the Picnic Music and Arts show, that was held in Portland on 08/25/12. I was there with my good friend Joy Grannis, who designs and makes these fabulous laced cuffs, necklaces, barrettes and belts! Check out her Etsy page here http://www.etsy.com/shop/joygrannis , and if you like any styles you see on the following pictures, contact her through her Etsy shop, and I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you if she still has those styles available!

Now moving forward to the pictures themselves!

Here’s how our booth set up looked like, as you can see I’m on a left hand side and Joy with her goodies is on the right hand side

A bit of a closeup, some of the designs I’m sure you recognize and some are new!

Popping right in! Hello!

and here are Joy’s pretty, lacey creations!


Hope to see you at the upcoming events I’ll be participating in!