Recycle your T-shirts. Don’t throw them away. Part 2.

It’s such a wonderful day today for creating and doing some spring cleaning. Some of you may have gone through your closets and have found a few T-shirts that you no longer need… Continue reading

Recycle your old T-shirts, don’t throw them away!

Hi guys, I know this is a very well known way to recycle your T-shirts, but some of you must have not seen it before, so here’s a tutorial of how to make… Continue reading

My current project. Business card holder.

And so I finally found a minute to stop and write something 🙂 This past few weeks were very busy, and I was trying to finish a few projects. First of all this… Continue reading

3D crochet flower

Here’s a pattern I came up with not so long ago to accent some of my designs. I’m sure it’s not an innovation and there’s plenty of similar patterns available, but I found… Continue reading

Hoop earring

This is a very easy way to refresh your hoop earrings and add some color to them.  For starters we’ll need all of our working material in one place. Depending on the mood… Continue reading